Have you ever wanted to find out more about laser hair removal? Our clients always have lots of questions so we thought we would share these with you. Hopefully these will answer any questions you may have.


* I’ve really suffered with ingrowing hairs. Let’s just say in quite awkward places!

One of the huge benefits I’ve seen by having our medical grade laser hair removal is no more of these irritating and painful episodes! Because laser hair removal destroys the actual hair follicle, there is nothing to get ingrown.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Not to mention the many other benefits including not needing to shave or wax for years (some enjoy the benefits of laser for up to 8 years and beyond!!), always being ready for the gym or a sunny day meaning you don’t have to scramble to shave at short notice.  For some, other methods of hair removal are not appropriate, often creams can leave the skin irritated, some can’t have waxing on the face or may just be too heat sensitive generally and shaving can leave you with a razor rash.  There is also the issue pertaining to darker skins in that too much skin irritation can actually cause patches of pigmentation.  Laser hair removal really does offer a fantastic altenative and here are some frequently asked questions about this amazing, life changing treatment.

* Can you be hair free whilst having your course?             

Lots of people ask if they need to grow the hair in between sessions. In fact with laser hair removal we actually need you to be as closely shaven as you can manage. You can shave as much as you need to whilst on your course; as long as you are closely shaven for your appointment then you’re all good! What you can’t do is wax, epilate or thread/pluck the hairs. Doing this pulls out the follicle which we need to target with the laser.

* Frequency of treatments?

Our laser is quite unique in that we see you every 2 weeks for your first 4 sessions then monthly for your last 2. Our courses are 6 sessions so you can be hair free very quickly compared to other laser protocols.

* Will it hurt?

Our laser is virtually pain free as it has a wonderful ice nozzle. We cool the area before the laser treatment. You can be cooled for as long as you need and we also cool after. The laser feels warm but when you’re cooled, you can’t feel it – most clients cannot feel a thing. You may feel a tiny bit of heat where the hair follicle is larger in certain areas but with each session this will reduce as the follicle reduces. The laser is so fast that it’s over before you know it. Often you won’t know we’ve done the area as you can’t feel it.

*How long does it last?

Many call laser hair removal permanent, however hair regrowth varies from person to person depending on your hair, your hormones etc. Most people enjoy many years hair free, from 1 – 7 years is typical. It is good practise to have top ups when needed to keep on top of it so we offer single sessions for this.

*Can it do blonde or white hair?

Our laser can do any skin and hair colour. Traditionally fair or white hair encountered issues with laser hair removal treatment however are seeing results with both fine blonde hair and white hair. You may need more sessions for this type of hair as it is more of a challenge but it’s no longer ‘not possible’ and we are happy to work with you case by case.

This lady had a strip of blonde, vellus hair lasered, 4 weeks later there was no regrowth.

*Do you have to have fair skin?

No our laser works on every skin colour and is safe and effective on all skin types.

 * What is the difference between IPL and laser?

 IPL uses broad spectrum wavelength which means that IPL has always been limited to people with darker hair and paler skin. This is because IPL is less focussed and can lead to more chances of adverse skin reaction and more sessions being needed.

laser v IPL

Laser v IPL

With laser hair removal, the direct beam of the laser transfers more light much quicker which in turn creates more heat in the hair follicle. This leads to more efficient hair reduction which works safely on all skin types and there less risk of discomfort to the skin compared to IPL.
That said, IPL is fantastic for skin rejuvenation, reduction of red veins etc so it does have its place however laser is always the best option for hair removal and reduction.

I hope that answers any questions that you may have and you can read more here. Simply book your laser consultation online with us, we will chat about your requirements and do your patch test. Then 48 hours later we can start your treatments!

Penny x