Meet Penny Dee

Penny is also an author, podcaster and motivational speaker as well as an experienced, award winning skin practitioner and owner and creator of the fastest growing independent skincare brand, SkinGoal.

Penny Dee Podcast

Sit back and relax to listen to Penny Dee talking life, love, happiness and lots more.

An honest insight in to life from Penny Dee, author, inspirational speaker, podcaster and female entrepreneur.

Listen as she puts a her spin on life observations with a focus on happiness. Women’s advocate.

My Hores Are Moaning

Funny, relatable and insightful Penny and Tracy will take you on a journey through their own menopause minefields and how they made it through whilst reminding themselves “We’re not mad… we’re menopausal” .

It is estimated that 13 million women in the UK are either peri or post menopausal now, that is a quarter of the population and it is so important we share our experiences and celebrate ourselves as well!

Kweens - Happiness Decoded

Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and empowered as we uncover the path to true happiness and self-discovery. Penny asks, when did women lose control of the world and how do we take it back?

In her book, she presents an authentic perspective of the world as it truly exists, she implores you to liberate yourselves from the invisible shackles that have held you back. Embracing diverse viewpoints and challenging societal constructs is the key to shaping your own destinies, and paving the way for our fellow sisters.

Penny got to number 4 on the Women’s chart in Amazon with her debut book.  She also speaks on womens issues including women in business.

Our Clinic in Cheadle, Cheshire

Our beautiful clinic in Cheadle, Greater Manchester has been created with your comfort in mind. As you would expect, it is a highly clinical environment with state of the art facilities but it is also a friendly, professional and welcoming haven. Once you step through our door, it is all about you, it is your time, your treatment and your happiness that is our priority and this philosophy underpins the work we do with our clients throughout Manchester, Cheshire and beyond.