Frequently asked questions

Many people are curious about different aspects of this treatment. Perhaps with good reason, to some I’m sure scalp tattooing sounds extreme. Like with most cosmetic treatments, research is important. We at The DPC Clinic welcome queries. Hopefully the following section will help you decide to book your appointment at our professional, discreet & appointment-only clinic.

Does it hurt?

No. The scalp is not a particularly sensitive area. We typically only Tattoo scalps for between 2-3hr sessions. If a client wanted to have an appointment lasting 4-5hrs+, then perhaps it would become a little irritating towards the end.

Should I do anything to prepare?

Essentially the responsibility is on us but, if you already have your head shaved you can self apply coconut oil each night for a few hours before you go to bed. This acts as a ‘primer’ for your skin which will be tattooed.
Having your hair cut short is something which you can undertake yourself or allow us to do it at the appointment.

Who does carries out the procedure?

Our lead cosmetic & medical tattooist Phil Davis, a man who has over three and a half years experience in the industry.

How often does it need ‘topping up’?

Short-term We schedule three x 3hr appointments to complete the entire scalp treatment.

Longer-term Once done, it depends on many factors: your environment, health, diet, levels of sun exposure and lifestyle choices (ie; smoking, alcohol intake).
Most clients look to have a chargeable ‘colourboost’ every five years.

Does it change colour over time?

Other than fading, no we do not anticipate any colour change.

Is this treatment common?

Yes, more and more men are looking to receive scalp tattooing. It is so realistic looking that there are probably more men who have had this done than you’d think.

Do I need a sensitivity patch test?

Yes, we can either send this via the post to you or welcome you to the clinic for a brief appointment to do the patch test which is very simple, painless and quick.

Will people be able to tell?

No, even the day the procedure is done, it is so realistic looking that nobody (even those with a keen eye) will be able to identify scalp micropigmenation as a tattoo. That is literally ‘the beauty’ of it.

What do I do for three hours during the appointment?

Quite simply – relax! Our private clinical room is warm, comfortable and has free WiFi! The one-to-one appointment involves you sat up on a comfy treatment couch which converts to allow you to sit up. Some clients will chat to me or play with their phone, many take the opportunity to watch a box set on their tablet (usually something that they don’t usually have time for or that their partner doesn’t like to watch)!

Will anyone else be there or interrupt or be able to see me?

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves in offering professional appointments. The privacy element to this treatment is very important. My clinical room can only be accessed by buzzer for your booked appointment, and it would be one-to-one in our private lockable room. We would not be interrupted.

Do I need to observe any aftercare?

Yes, we provide you with our bespoke cosmetic tattoo aftercare balm which you can self apply as-and-when you feel the need to (ie; when your scalp feels slightly tender or dry during the initial few days following the procedure).

What to do next?

Call or text if you’ve any questions which we’ve not answered in this article: 📲 07496301199
Book your free 30min consultation or the actual appointment on: 💻 https://www.dpcclinic.co.uk/book-now/ Select Scalp Consultation