Tattooing around the eye is an interesting treatment and is possibly my favourite. It is the challenge to use a client’s natural feature and to enhance it so if client has narrow or wide eyes, closed or open, what have you – it is my job to use the most appropriate design for a great result!

Here are some of the different designs:

Lash Enhancer

There are many different styles of eyeliner. There is the simple, slim tattooed line through the lashes; we call this lash enhancer. Lash enhancer is usually between 1.5mm-2.5mm thick from the first lash of the inner canthus to the last lash along the upper eyelid to the lateral canthus. On the lower lid the tattoo begins at the last outer lash (lateral canthus) to in-line with below the pupil. Often this is either half or two-thirds if the way along the lashes of the lower eyelid.

Eye Without Tattoo

Eye without tattoo

Upper Lash Enhancement

Upper & lower lash enhancement

Baby Eyeliner

Baby eyeliner or ‘Latino’ is slightly more advanced than lash enhancer, whilst the lower lash line remains similarly tattooed, the upper eyelid is tattooed through the lashes again however the line is increased up to perhaps 3mm-4.5mm by the client depending on their request.

The upper line therefore is thicker and is elongated beyond the last eyelash of the lateral canthus and a ‘flick’ or ‘wing’ is tattooed. You can have this a just the top eyeliner or you can add in the lower lash enhancer for further definition of the eyes.

Baby eyeliner/Latino with lower lash enhancer

Baby eyeliner/Latino with lower lash enhancer

Bespoke eyeliner

This tattoo is common, often a client requests something in between a Latino and a lash enhancer. Many clients want some tattooing along the underside of their eye, however they are keen to emphasise their eyes with a thicker line a long their upper lid minus the ‘wing/flick’. This is perhaps my favourite. We can frame the eye beautifully with a significant tattoo through the lashes.

Baby eyeliner without ‘flick’ or ‘wing’ and lower lash enhancer

Baby eyeliner without ‘flick’ or ‘wing’ and lower lash enhancerAs you can see there is a great selection to choose from, some clients want to save time on a morning so want a more ‘make up’ look, others just want to have that natural looking definition around their eyes so no mascara is required for the school run. Having your eyes ‘on’ really does make a huge difference to your face and lots of our clients report increased confidence in their appearance.

Because a tattooed eyeliner won’t smudge off, it’s also a great option for gym enthusiasts, people who suffer with hayfever or whose eye sight is problematic for close up application of eyeliner.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss the best style to suit you, remember, it doesn’t have to be black as we have a large selection of colours to choose from and we have a colour and a style to suit everyone – even men!