We are fast approaching that time of the year… Spring!!

Whilst many enjoy Spring, a lot of people don’t – hey fever sufferers! Hay fever is one of the most common allergies in the U.K. where it affects a staggering 13 million people!

Hay fever is usually worse between late March and September, typically when the pollen count is at it’s highest.

Anyone who wears eye makeup will be painfully aware that hey fever symptoms cause their mascara or eyeliner to be disturbed by tears or insufferable itching.

The Solution

Permanent makeup (PMU) is the art of tattooing makeup. This, as many of you will be aware, is my speciality. Permanent eyeliner (as can be seen in the photos) means that every morning when you wake up, your makeup is already there! I consider this very much ‘a life-hack’. Albeit the subtle male equivalent (‘guyliner’), I actually have this myself as does my wife and most of the people employed at our clinic.

What Is It?

Simply: a line of pigment tattooed carefully through the base of your eyelashes. Almost all of my clients have upper eyeliner only but, lower lash enhancer is quite common too. We use topical numbing cream and gently tattoo the eye-line. Your eyes are closed whilst we tattoo the upper eyelid and you’ll have them open for lower lash enhancer. Thankfully I’m extremely accurate and quick, so you’ll be amazed how simple and comfortable the treatment is.

Without the daily routine of applying makeup, the spring/summer periods bring pollen which is the cause of hey fever symptoms and so if you have your eyeliner tattooed, you’ll not experience the familiar frustrating annual headache of the smudging of your makeup as it will stay exactly where you want it!

Gorgeous eyeliner flick

Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure is surprisingly comfortable. I’m a self confessed wuss, I am quite needle phobic however I have received ‘guyliner’ every year since 2015. I provide clients with a soothing aftercare balm to maintain comfort for the couple of days initial healing cycle.

How long does it take?
An eyelash enhancer appointment (including upper and lower lids) only last approximately one hour. The larger eyeliners and flicks take a little longer around one and half hours.

Can I chose the size?
Yes, if you want the tattoo subtle and slim that’s fine and quite quick or, if you like a thick upper eyeliner then I can do that instead, the appointment may take a little longer but you’ll remain relaxed and surprised at how easy it is.

Does it have to be black?
No, whilst black is the most popular choice, not only do we have a choice of blacks we also have a vast array of browns too!

How long will it last?
We recommend an annual ‘colour boost’ which is just to ‘top up’ the strength of colour to maintain the colour as the work gradually fades over 12 -24 months although most clients colour boost around 12-18 months to keep it looking fresh and defined.

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Phil tattooing eyeliner