There are many rewarding elements to my job, I’ve discussed them in previous blogs but, today I want to talk about the feel good factor for YOU – my clients!


I’ve lost count of the amount of times ladies have returned for their follow up appointment with me and beamed about their confidence boost.

Women of all ages visit my clinic, most commonly to get new eyebrows. Mostly I hear “I just want my eyebrows back”, as if the crux of the matter is replacement rather than replenishment or improvement. The most satisfying thing about being privileged to tattoo people’s new eyebrows on is that it often surpasses clients’ expectations! From “I just want my brows back” to “Wow, my eyes look great”, “I look awake!” or “My whole face looks better”, and all this whilst they’re smiling! People look better as the happiness glows outwards from within but, just as important; they do feel better!

Personally I feel that women’s best feature is their eyes. Eyes are pretty and expressive. When beautifully framed, women’s eyes are gorgeous! Eyebrows and eyelashes are the frame.


Confidence brings many things. ‘Wake up in makeup’, we often say in this business and it means that you begin your day made up! That gives you more time to do what you want, another coffee, checking Facebook, getting to the gym on time (where your makeup won’t smudge/sweat off because I’ve tattooed it), having breakfast, doing yoga or just screaming at Piers Morgan on your TV.

I love this review from one of my clients, I think it encompasses the happiness with both confidence boost and that precious time back in the day. Both things help with your day to day well being:

“I had my eyebrows done by Phil! I’m in love with them, they have given me so much more confidence and given me back precious time!
I go for my retouch tomorrow and I’m so excited for the finished result! Lovely couple that make you feel totally relaxed and professional service! Wish I had plucked up the courage months ago as it’s one of the best decisions I have made!”

Feeling good because you look good is part of the process as well. With your brows on point – your eyes look great and you’re ready for the day!

by Phil Davis