I am very privileged to meet many men and women from all walks of life in my skin clinic. It truly is one of the most enjoyable parts of my work. Although there is certainly diversity across my client demographic, one thing that most have in common is that they are having some issue with their skin and it is often resulting in a severe knock to their confidence.
If you think about the last time you woke to find a rogue spot on your face, it is all you can think about, you try and cover it, you may try and squeeze the offending pimple but whatever you do, it usually makes it worse in the rush to get out of the house and do a camouflage job in under 10 minutes – no mean feat.

You are self-conscious about it, you believe that everyone who is talking to you throughout the day is in fact talking to your spot. We’ve all had them, some are so big and persistent we even name them in an attempt to ‘reason’ with said offending blemish so we can ask it to leave! They can be quite sore too. The relief when it does finally go is real, your makeup then sits better, you feel happier that it has ‘left the building’ – until the next time…

I often find that my clients who are suffering with breakouts have spent, quite literally a fortune in their search of better skin. The same for those clients on their quest for eternal youth, line reduction, skin brightening or maybe it is in pursuit of whatever the latest marketing jargon trend is. But the reason they are sat speaking to me usually is that whatever the miracle cure is, it hasn’t worked for them. They are frustrated, self-conscious and certainly hundreds of pounds lighter with a bathroom cupboard rammed to the rafters with half empty lotions and potions that all promised to solve their skin woes. I don’t mind admitting that often I am their last resort.

I always start right at the beginning with my skin consultation, I do an extremely detailed line of questioning about current skin routine, what is going on with you generally, the history of said skin and it usually lasts around an hour. Throughout this time I can see the distress and frustration of my clients, they cannot see a way beyond how they are doing things.
Once I have a picture of you, then I create a skin package that relates to you and you alone. Yes it does mean handing over even more money and the commitment that you can give me the time needed to get the results you need. This often requires you coming in weekly or fortnightly for a fixed period of time, following my at home routine to the letter (or at the very least that ball park of the alphabet :-)) and putting your trust in me.

Once we start seeing the results (we often see an improvement around 2-4 weeks in) and I can see the overall change in my clients. Not only do I see their skin starting to change and improve, I also see something else…. It’s their confidence, it starts to grow and glow from within, through every skin cell, as one pore closes another burst of light shines through!
By the time we are finishing off the course, reviewing their pictures I have a new person in front of me. Yes the road to great skin health is sometimes a winding, sometimes we have to tweak the course or the products until we get the right solution… but when we do get there and my client is happy and I am happy, there isn’t a price tag in the world that you can put on seeing that happiness and confidence restored.

I find with women and in particular mothers, they do find it very hard to justify both the time and money to spend on themselves. It’s time to put yourself first as I have always believed that happiness starts from deep within you, once you are happy then you can spread your happiness in to your world. So don’t forget about yourself, you really are your most valuable asset.

by Penny Davis