Having completed my nipple & Areola training with Nouveau Contour this year, I have a wonderful perspective on this treatment. I had already trained in scar reduction, cleft pallet lip tattooing as well as scalp micropigmentation and scar camouflage so this was the final stage in my advanced medical tattoo training journey.

The concluding phase of our training week was a lady (I’ve agreed not to mention her name or show her face in respect of client confidentiality), let’s call her ‘Sarah’. Sarah was in her thirties and had already lost a sister and her mother to breast cancer. Having received an elective double mastectomy, Sarah was further saddened by losing volume (her chest size was reduced by two cup sizes) along with the unevenness she experienced.

Furthermore, Sarah was unhappy with her consultant/surgeon. The surgeon’s conduct and lack of bedside manner caused her a great deal of upset. Months and months later Sarah luckily had the training academy at Karen Betts’ fantastic Nouveau Contour in South Emsall recommended to her by a friend. Upon learning she could be a model of nipple and Areola tattooing, she booked in!

Sarah arrived and was welcomed by our training artists Flick and Sharon, our class of six students had assigned to us the different aspects of the treatment. I was outlining the nipple tattoo on both of Sarah’s breasts as well as employing pointillism to tattoo the illusion of light on the nipples.

Throughout the treatment (which Sarah professed to be “not only am I not in any discomfort, it’s quite relaxing actually!”, we were casually discussing what we doing as well as asking questions regarding Sarah’s cancer journey. Thankfully our bedside manner was well received and Sarah seemed to enjoy the hour and a half tattooing.

*Working as a team of six with two tattoo machines we world simultaneously on both breasts so ordinarily these sessions can take approximately three hours.

Nipple and Areola tattooing differs from my usual approach in as much as taking into account light! The illusion of achieving a 3D appearance is the key. So we use between 5 and 8 different pigments. Ordinarily it is just one.

By the time each of us students had completed our individual tattooing tasks, Sarah was eager to see our work; her new nipple tattoos. Sarah was overwhelmed with emotion and was so relieved that she was in tears.

We sincerely hope you will never require our services for this particular tattoo, however if you do know anyone or indeed if you ever need this treatment we are very proud to offer this procedure – we encourage you to book your free consultation with Phil.

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