Fibroblastic is a plasma based procedure and it is not to be confused with Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP) which is sometimes known as a Vampire Facial. PRP is when blood is removed from your arm, spun in a centrifuge then injected or needled back in to the face or other part of your body. I will cover microneedling procedures in-depth on my next blog so look out for that!

Plasma in PRP, not to be confused with Plasma used in Fibroblastic!

Back to Fibroblastic, this works in a completely different way with a totally different type of plasma! Plasma energy is generated when the atmospheric gas between the specialist machine and the skin is ionised. This creates an electrical arc, the energy from this device is then absorbed by the skin cells causing skin fibres to tighten and contract. Not only does it permanently remove the excess skin but it encourages regeneration and regrowth of collagen and elastin which allows smoothing of the skin. It is a safe and effective treatment as your body triggers repair and rejuvenation in response to the plasma touch. The placement of the plasma arc is crucial to attaining the best results and I use various techniques of tracing either side of the line or wrinkle, to random configurations on eye hoods for general skin shortening and tightening.

The process always starts with a consultation so that we can discuss your areas of concern and we talk about potential outcomes and an idea of realistic expectations. We also discuss your potential downtime and that in most cases, you may need up to one week clear of social engagements. This is due to post procedure swelling which can last for a few days and the small eschar marks (similar in appearance to a small scab) that are left on the site where the plasma charge is applied.

Day 2 Post Fibroblastic note the small eschar marks

Your results can take up to 6 weeks to show and interestingly can continue for up to 3 months so this isn’t an instant result, more of a subtle, progressive improvement. I often see other plasma treatments ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures immediately after the procedure has been performed. This is not your result, this is simply post procedure swelling in the area, true results are visible once the area is fully healed. When reviewing some of my client results, the reduction of loose or crepey skin is an obvious and welcome result, but also it’s the overall skin rejuvenation effects that are just as notable.

Results 8 Weeks Post Fibroblastic

I personally absolutely love performing this treatment and I enjoy the journey with my client as I review you after two weeks to check on your healing then perform a second treatment if necessary after 6 weeks then review again. Included in my Fibroblastic treatment plan is my A-Lift facial. I perform this at your two week review as I’ve found it really does accelerate healing of any red marks that can remain visible on the skin whilst healing (although typically they disappear at around 2-4 weeks). It is also a fabulous way to end your Fibroblastic treatment experience as the A-Lift is a non invasive, extremely effective facial that also stimulates collagen, encourages cell turnover and has the added bonus of being extremely relaxing 🙂

If you think this treatment or any of my skin solutions are for you, I’m a click or call away!

by Penny Davis