Scar Reduction

Scar Reduction

What is a scar? When you injure your skin either by accident or from a surgery, your body works to repair the wound. The body forms new collagen fibers (a naturally occurring protein in the body) to mend the damage.  Once the area is completely healed, sometimes a mark is left on the skin, this scar can be pale pink, brown, or silver and will have a different texture than the surrounding tissue. 

There are many different types of scars, from acne marks, post surgery, cuts, burns but whatever the reason, they can cause distress.

We have a number of scar reduction solutions which can be incredibly effective.  The results always depend on the type of scar, the skin type and how old it it.
A full consultation is needed to assess the area and establish which treatment will be the most effective for the scar in question, you can book this online or call or message us.

Scar Reduction Treatments

Scar Reduction per Session £100
For the best results, a course of treatments are needed for scar reduction and the total estimated price is given at the time of your consultation
Scar Reduction FAQ

Q. What type of scars can be treated?

A. We can treat all types of scars. However, keloid scars by their very nature are particularly difficult to treat.

Q. How is the procedure carried out?

A. We use a combination of therapies such as skin needling and plasma (Fibroblastic) therapies.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

A. Again, it does depend on the scar, but it will be between four and six treatments.

Q. Is it suitable for all skin types?

A. Again, with these types of treatments, we cannot work on some types of scars on skin that is Fitzpatrick five and six due to the risk of further scarring.

Q. How long will the results last?

A. Forever and they should actually improve over time.

Q. Is a treatment safe?

Absolutely. We work with you to ensure the highest standards are met and we go very gently with these procedures.

Last year I had an accident and was left with a scar on the side of my right eye , I felt very self conscious as it gave me the appearance of having a droopy eye and made my face look unbalanced.

As part of my job is meeting and networking with new people it’s important for my own self confidence that I feel good. I asked Penny to have a look and she was confident that it could be significantly improved after treatment.

Wow, well she was not wrong! After 4 treatments, which were really short, it felt like a little pin prick the difference is truly amazing. Where once I had a highly visible raised red scar it’s no longer visible unless it’s viewed in a certain light. I’m so pleased with it , Penny is so good as I felt nervous as it was so near my eye but she kept me very calm.

I can’t thank her enough as after a very traumatic few months this treatment was part of the process that gave me my self confidence back and I’m so grateful.


Course Information

Often we need between 4-10 session to acheive good results for scar reduction and this does depend on a number of factors.  Needling of the skin is very effective, as is our Fibroblastic treatment and depending on the scar tissue, we often mix and match the treatments leaving around 6 weeks in between sessions to ensure the area is fully healed before treating again.

It can be a lengthy process so patience is needed to complete the treatment program,  however with the correct protocol and enough time, we can achieve wondeful results and positively change the lives of our clients.

Please book a consultation to discuss your treatment options.

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