Scar Camouflage

We offer scar work from both a scar reduction perspective with our DPC Skin Therapy services or scar camouflage using our  medical tattooing techniques.. Scarred skin, or donor skin which has been grafted, has different characteristics. It can be thicker, raised or indented, varied in colour and so on. This means that while the actual process for medical tattooing is similar to permanent cosmetics, the treatment stages, pigments and techniques will vary to take these factors into account. Likewise, what we will be trying to achieve will be entirely dependent upon your requirements.

We recommend that you avoid any unnecessary touching of the affected area following your treatment in order to allow the skin to heal. Your healed result will tend to look darker in appearance. However, this will soften as the skin heals, the colour will lighten considerably. You will need to follow a simple aftercare routine which involves basic care of the area and application of your Mrs Frisbees All Natural’s Tattoo Balm.  After a few days the colour will gradually settle over the coming weeks as the skin continues to heal and the pigments settle.  Apply your balm provided to the treated area and you should apply it with clean hands. We advise you remove the amount needed so as not to dip back in to the pot to avoid any spread of bacteria.  Do this when needed, overnight is a must for the first few days and try not to over us the balm.

Scar Treatments

We can work with you on a variety of scars and their characteristics.  You many have surgical scars on your face, head of body, you may have a cleft lip and want scar diffusement with the lip tattoo to give lip definition. Maybe  you have vitiligo or burn scars, there are many different types of scars and skin discolourations that we can help you with. We have a thorough consultation to discuss your options and then we can devise a bespoke plan, just for you.

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