Injectables have grown in popularity in recent years and that is definitely something we have seen here at DPC Clinic. We decided to have a chat with Corinna, our injectable Nurse who shares with us, her wealth of experience, skills, and fabulous knowledge. We asked Corinna to give our clients a little bit of info about aesthetic nursing and her personal experience with it. Here’s what she said.

Can you tell our lovely clients a little bit about yourself?

Sure! Hi everyone, my name is Corrina, I’m a Nurse and I work for DPC Clinic. I became a nurse 9 years ago, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health Nursing.

Great! Thank you. So, what area of nursing are you particularly interested in Corrina?

Well, although my background is in mental health nursing, I’ve always had a really strong interest in aesthetics. I’m passionate about anything skincare as well as having an interest in skin concerns, so aesthetics felt like a pretty natural transition for me.

Wow! From mental health to aesthetics sounds like quite a big change of direction, what inspired you to become an injectable nurse?

Oh, it certainly was a bit of a change! I mean, I love skin, I love beauty, and I genuinely really love working with people, so I guess I would say that those 3 things combined are what ultimately inspired me to take up injectables.  

Just so our clients have a general idea of what makes an injectable nurse successful, could you share a few of your ideas?

Well, there are a couple of definite ‘must-know’ procedures that every successful injectable nurse needs to know. For example, they need to know the difference between the various cosmetic procedures like Botox, Profhilo/ Bio-remodelling, eye Bio-Booster and Dermal fillers and how to perform these procedures precisely in a professional setting. In an aesthetic space, an injector should not overlook the important details.

 “Aesthetic Injecting is rewarding to those who are not only passionate about skin and beauty but have a genuine desire to boost confidence in clients and provide a sense of empowerment through a specialised art form.”

 Working with people and their skin on a very individual, intimate, level I can imagine is sometimes incredibly rewarding. What do you feel is most rewarding about the work you do?

Definitely rewarding! I absolutely love my job because of the positivity I feel I’m helping bring into people’s lives. Aesthetic Injecting is rewarding to those who are not only passionate about skin and beauty but have a genuine desire to boost confidence in clients and provide a sense of empowerment through a specialised art form.

How does having a medical background contribute to being a successful injectable nurse?

I feel that having a medical background is really beneficial because it gives you knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. I do feel it’s important to continue with professional development as this will give me the skills for ongoing treatments and new treatments.

 What can injectables do?

 They can reduce fine lines and also help to prevent them. They also really help to give you a refreshed, youthful, plumper look.

 We’d love to hear your favourite injectable concern to treat and why?

Oooh, that’s a difficult one! Well, it would be the eyes! It’s all in the eyes! So, eye wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles.

 What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

I enjoy performing all of the treatments, however, my favourite treatments are Profhilo/ Bio-remodelling and eye Bio-Booster. They’re both absolutely dreamy! There’s less downtime, restores skin radiance, rehydrates skin and increases skin firmness and elasticity. This is the perfect treatment to reinstate a softer, younger and healthier complexion using the naturally occurring, cosmetic favourite: hyaluronic acid.

What treatment do you see becoming popular this year?

I would say Profhilo/ Bio-remodelling and eye Bio Booster will be popular treatments this year.

Ok, so our final question. What one piece of advice would you give to anyone considering injectables?

I would advise my client to research the treatment that they want, taking careful consideration in regards to how it could change their appearance. Be honest about your expectations. Cosmetic treatment may improve your appearance and self-confidence, but it won’t necessarily deliver your ‘ideal’ body image or change your life.

 Thank you so much, Corinna! x

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