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This maximum power face wash is in a league of it’s own.  Enjoy that zingy sensation when you gently rub this into damp skin, activating the powerful yet gentle AHA formula which includes Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic acid ensuring a unique combination of clinically proven ingredients that will bring cell renewal at a greater speed and super squeaky clean pores.  Use it on a morning to ensure the day is started right or at night to wash away the day’s environmental grime and cell build up if your skin is acne prone, congested and are starting to see the first signs of breakouts. This is also perfect for mature skins due to the significant increase in cell turnover and hydration with the addition of the Lactic acid.  Feel the dirt and impurities just dissolve away on the skin’s surface to leave deeply cleansed skin which is visibly brighter and fresher.

Other information: 100ml or 200ml,100% Vegan, cruelty free.  Does not contain SLS. No BS.

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200ml, 100ml