Melan Tran3x Intensive Depigmenting Concentrate Serum


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An intensive depigmentation serum with ultralight texture. It acts on the dark spots eliminating the melanin formed and regulating the pigmentary overproduction in origin.

The latest range of products from Mesoestetic which is based on tranexamic acid – A cutting-edge ingredient that complements and enhances the effectiveness of treatments against hyperpigmentation, it can be used in 3 effective ways:

  •       As a depigmenting modular treatment, it can be used in treating solar lentigines, senile and freckles and other forms of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Also, to treat pigmentation in body areas such as areas of friction, armpits or crotch.
  •       As a post-laser treatmentto avoid the post-inflammatory pigmentation that laser can produce in patients with medium and high phototypes. It also works to enhance the depigmenting results of laser treatments.
  •       As a maintenance treatment of the cosmelan®method, to keep the pigmentation under control and enhance the results obtained.

Use twice a day on clean skin.

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