We have a wide selection of wonderful colours to define your lips and to create volume. Applying lipstick throughout the day is a thankless task, it is time consuming and repetitive. Using permanent cosmetics you no longer have to participate in that daily ritual.

You can go for a natural shade or a colour closer to your favoured lipstick, you may prefer to go for a softer lip blush effect or the more defining full lip colour, the choice is yours but the results will be noticeably enhanced, fabulous fuller lips.

We can also correct uneven lips, or lips that have lost shape and colour due to age by simply bringing back the colour and definition that is lost over time.   Our full lip blush is so popular, it shapes and emphasises your lips so you simply add your  lip gloss and go.
With the added benefit of waking each day with your lips defined, fresh looking and no more smudging or lipstick bleed, you will have perfect lips at all times.


Will my lips be sore after my lip treatment?

Lips will be slightly sore and tender for the first 48 hours and the colour will appear dark this is all completely normal. The lips can sometimes appear a little flaky after treatment but this will settle while the lips are healing. The healing process can take up to 10 days.  We issue you with a pack of environmentally friendly drinking straws (cornstarch) and give you our healing balm to help soothe and hydrate the lips for your comfort.

I suffer with dry lips will this be a problem?

This would depend on the extent of the dryness, you are always welcome to attend our complimentary consultation to discuss before hand for us to assess.

 Can lip treatments cause cold sores?

If you are prone to cold sores there is a small chance that the treatment may cause an outbreak. If you take medication to control cold sores this should be started 48 hours prior to treatment. If you have an outbreak prior to your treatment we request that you reschedule within the agreed time.

Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid after my treatment?

We would recommend you avoid spicy or salted food or anything citric.  We do recommend whatever you choose to eat that you cut it up in to very small sized pieces.  No kisses either whilst healing 🙂

Lip Aftercare
We recommend that you avoid unnecessary touching of the affected area following your treatment in order to allow the skin to repair. You will notice that the colour and will appear significantly pronounced and darker immediately after your treatment and until the skin heals, this takes on average around 10 days.

You may experience a slight burning sensation following your treatment along with redness and swelling. This is totally normal. The next day you may notice tenderness and flaking of the lips with some redness but this should subside 2-5 days after your treatment.

Apply your balm provided, it should be used at least three times a day and apply it with clean hands.
Repeat this for just a week. Where possible you should avoid getting the affected area wet and do not apply any lipstick or lip balms (other than our provided healing balm) until the area is healed. We advise that you drink using a straw  for a few days post treatment and that you keep activities to a minimum, avoid spicy or salted food and even kissing immediately after. Sorry, but it’ll be worth the wait!

What can I say! Just wow! I had my lips tattooed and I’m over the moon with them. The attention to detail is second to non and I was made to feel so welcome and relaxed. I will be recommending DPC to all my friends and family. Beautiful clinic run by the most caring and lovely couple. Thank you so much xx

Pre Advice for Lips

For your comfort and to ensure best results, we advise that you avoid alcohol the night before your treatment and avoid or reduce caffeine consumption on the day of your treatment.

If you take asprin or blood thinners, you should check with your doctor if you can stop taking these a few days before your treatment.

Although lip tattoing does not cause cold sores, it can reactivate the virus so we advise that you take anti-virals a week before your appointment or you applly an over the counter product such as Zovira for for 7 days before and 5 days after treatment to prevent coldsores.

NOTE: dark lips cannot be lightened


Lip Blush £330

A wonderful way to bring colour and definition to your lips. From subtle to bold, we have a colour to suit you

Lip Liner £190

The outline of your lips only

Colour Boosts

​All styles within 6 months £110

All styles within 7-18 months £180

All styles after 19-24 months £240

Your colour boost date is taken from the date of your first appointment with us.

Multiple treatment colour boosts taken at the same appointment attract a 10% discount.

Whilst we are always happy to colour boost other technician’s work, please assume you will be charged at full new treatment price for your first colour boost with us as this often involves a full consultation and brow redesign and retouch.

“I have wanted to have my lips tattooed for ages but was worried about the process. Having talked through with Phil what I wanted, my fears totally disappeared. I was made to feel fully relaxed throughout and can honestly say he has done an amazing job. Phil and his wife are such lovely and friendly people who made me feel so welcome. I would fully recommend Phil for your treatments because he is so talented and his attention to detail is amazing. Cannot wait to get the eye enhancer treatment next time.”

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