Permanent makeup is fast becoming the norm. Treatments including microblading, permanent eyeliner and of course lip tattooing have become increasingly popular.

Now this may sound unusual; however it is something which we at DPC Clinic are very excited about. We now offer a service specially for our lip clients which ensures comfort…

The treatment involves an initial appointment at the private dental clinic just a four minute walk from our clinic. The highly experienced John at C-The-Dentist will administer a dental block (the anaesthetic I’m sure we are all familiar with) and then our client makes the very quick journey to DPC Clinic for their lip blush appointment with me (Phil). This anaesthetic which lasts approximately one hour results in clients being easier to tattoo.


My first client to try this was Rosemary. Rosemary had her lips tattooed by myself back in October and admitted that whilst she was happy with the work, she found the appointment a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately that experience is not unusual, so Rosemary was a great ‘guinea pig’ (Rosemary’s words not mine, LOL). She was in the unique position of being able to offer me her experiences of both with AND without the dental anaesthetic.

Throughout the appointment I consciously made an effort to check the time occasionally whilst asking Rosemary to explain her sensation/s. Immediately after ‘the first pass’ (a five minute outline of the client’s top lip) I told Rosemary it was safe to talk and asked her if she noticed a difference compared to her previous treatment and she excitedly said: “I can’t feel anything, this is great!”

Approximately every fifteen minutes I encouraged Rosemary to comment on the sensation which I was delighted to note meant that I tattooed for a full hour before Rosemary regained sensation in her lips! By that time we were almost finished, however I applied topical anaesthetic cream throughout the appointment so as to maintain Rosemary’s comfort by the time that her dental block wore off.

If you have previously considered lip blush tattooing and the only thing holding you back was the worry of discomfort then please be encouraged by this wonderful new service which we can offer you!

If you want to know more, simply book your permanent makeup consultation. We can discuss your requirements and through your options and get you started.