Service industry workers are infamous for making inane smalltalk. I don’t do smalltalk. I love meeting new people because I’m genuinely interested in people.

Because of my job I usually have two hours with each client, sometimes 4 hours if it’s a two treatment session. This enables me to discuss lots of things with my client. I’m acutely aware of not overstepping boundaries and I can read when someone wishes to be left to enjoy a treatment in peace and quiet/listening to music.

Overall though, I believe that my clients enjoy talking with me. It’s important that they know that I am interested in them and that at that time; it is all about them! They are special. They are my sole focus. I don’t talk about myself unless they ask. No client wants to hear about one of my kids being poorly or that my car insurance has gone up or that I had a really bad headache yesterday (they can add me on Facebook for all of that nonsense)! The client is the important one, not me!

I like to ask about about my clients work. This is interesting to me and also helps me to discuss aftercare with them (i.e. they work in an office so the computer glare may fade their PMU tattoo). It also fascinates me what people give their time up for. The gym, yoga, or if they’re a football season ticket holder or have another hobby and if this involves other friends or family members? I’m interested in tattoos, I have some and permanent makeup is tattooing ergo it’s a natural conversation to have with clients (this often indicates their pain threshold) but people like to talk about their tattoos. Where, why and who? Peoples’ body art intrigues me and it’s fun to discuss.

This isn’t a cynical or creepy way to pass the time, I don’t do awkward silence. I like to know what sort of person I’m tattooing and why. It is great to learn about people.

My clients have told me many things which are useful to me for work, socialising, health and so on. I have started playing lacrosse again because I was inspired by a client called Claire who is extremely hard working at the gym. Another lady called Zita inspired me to look into getting a fourth dog because of her passion for rescuing dogs at her favourite charity.

My client called Vicky explained about how Man City football clubs female youth policy works because her daughter plays for them. It gives me hope for one of my daughters!
Countless other clients have given me exciting ideas about how to entertain my daughters; Gullivers world, Monkey Forest, Fun Time Kids adventure soft playground and many more! Not to mention; talking to so many women gives me an insight into how women think, this can only give me an advantage with how to be a better husband! Sorry, yes, some of you ladies have exposed trade secrets to me:)

Of course we’re aware of the stereotype hairdresser question “So are you going on holiday..?”, but I ask because I’m passionate about travelling and I want to know where I could take my wife! I’ve had so many suggestions and recommendations that my bucketlist makes Philea’s Fogg look like a hermit!

To sum up – I love learning about my clients and so should anyone in this industry. If you don’t love people, it will show in your face and your body language and your voice!

Phil Davis
Owner & Lead Cosmetic Tattoo Artist DPC