Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are permanent cosmetics?

A. Permanent cosmetics are a form of cosmetic tattooing also known as micropigentation. The Permanent makeup Artist will use a specialist machine or manual hand tool and needles to gently implant pigment designed for this purpose, into the skin. The most common treatments are for eyebrows eyeliner and lips.

Q. What is medical tattooing?

A. Medical tattooing is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing. It is a technique designed for patients who have had an event or medical condition that’s changed their appearance. A range of treatments are available that we believe enable our client to rebuild their confidence. Our medical tattooing treatments include areola reconstruction, scar camouflage and Scalp micropigmentation.

Q. What different treatments are available?

A. We have various treatments available for our clients for both permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing. Treatments include brows, eyes, lips, scalp, scars and nipple and areola.

Q. What does the treatment involve?

A. We always have a full consultation prior to starting the procedure to determine the perfect style for you. We take everything into consideration including your lifestyle, image, hair, skin tone and facial features. We then create a bespoke colour blend just for you!

The treatment itself involves gently implanting natural pigments in to the dermal layer of the skin.

Q. Do the treatments hurt?

A. The treatments are always performed keeping your comfort in mind. As the treatments require us to use needles to implant the pigment into your skin, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area to ensure a pleasant client experience.

Q. How long does permanent make up last?

A. This varies among people and is dependent on the specific shade used, it can last anywhere between one to five years. To ensure you maintain your permanent makeup, it is important to keep on top of your colour boost appointments to keep it looking fresh and looking absolutely perfect.  Most of our clients choose to have their colour boost appointment every 12 – 18 months and we have plans available to facilitate this with our Colour Boost Club.

Q.  Will it look natural?

A. Yes once healed the results will look natural. We always ensure we create the look you desire and tailor it to you from the subtle to the bold.

 Q. How is colour chosen for my treatments?

A. When selecting eyebrow and lip colour, we look to match to your skin tone, as well taking in to account your colouring such as hair, eye and brow colour.  Phil is master of colour theory and works with you to create the right effect to suit your lifestyle and talks through the factors for you to consider to ensure you are completely comfortable with your choices.

Q. Does cosmetic surgery effect any of the treatments?

A. On the whole cosmetic surgery will not have any adverse effects to your treatment. We will always work to complement our clients natural features. To allow for the correct healing process you will need to allow time between treatments. If you are unsure please do contact the clinic and we will be happy to advise you.

Q. What happens if I have medical issues or I am on medication?

A. A full assessment of your medical background will be made prior to the treatment. While there are some occasions when people are not suitable for permanent cosmetics –due to medical matters –this is fairly uncommon. If you are unsure please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk this through with you. In some cases, if clients wish for their GP or Consultant or Doctor or Pharmacist to contact us directly to discuss any special considerations, we are happy to do so if it means we can deliver the best results for you.  This is often the case when clients are undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments that will effect healing.

Q. Should I bring anything with me to my appointment?

A. You will be sent pre-advice at the time of your booking, but just yourself!

Q. Are there any risks involved?

A. We use the latest and safest equipment currently available, digital machine, hand tool (microblading) and the latest needle configurations including nanoblading and nano digital. We always adhere to the highest standards of health and safety. We have many years of experience. Please be assured that all risks are minimised and that you are in safe hands. However, because the treatment involves implanting pigment into the skin, that means it is invasive. While this is what provides permanent cosmetics with its long-lasting benefits, there are also some risks. As with any form of tattooing, these can include allergic reaction, undesired result or colour, misplaced colour, infection or scarring.


What are the different styles of eyebrows?

We pride ourselves on bringing you the very latest in permanent makeup and regularly update our skills to bring you the best.  From Hairstroke Brows which can be achieved using either digital or hand tool method called Microblading, we can achieve ultra realism, this is popular for those who want that natural look.  For those that prefer a more ‘makeup’ look may prefer our famous Ombré Brow or our Soft Powder Brows.  For those that want something in between, we have the Combination Brows for those that want a more defined natural look, whatever the style we have you covered for effortless chic every day.

 When should I pluck or wax my eyebrows?

Ideally we would like you to leave your eyebrows or 10 days (no tweezing, waxing or otherwise removing the hair).



Can you wear eyelash extensions with permanent liner?

Eyelash extensions must be removed at least 3 days prior to treatment. It is also crucial to wait at least 3-4 weeks for complete healing to occur, before new eyelash extensions will be applied.  

Can I have an eye treatment when I have had my lashes tinted or permed?

Yes but please do not tint the areas 2 weeks before. This is the same for eyebrow tint and you must leave at least 2 weeks post treatment. 

Should I wear no make up on the day of my treatment?

You can arrive wearing your normal makeup, this will be removed before we begin.

Am I able to wear my contact lenses?

Please do not wear contact lenses during or immediately after your treatment. The area will need to be healed before you can start to use them again. 

Will my eyes be sore after the treatment?

Immediately after the procedure, the eyelids may be slightly swollen, tender or irritated and this can persist for up to 5 days, depending on the size of the eyeliner.  The larger the eyeliner, the more swelling we tend to see but it does vary from person to person.


Will my lips be sore after my lip treatment?

Lips will be slightly sore and tender for the first 48 hours and the colour will appear dark this is all completely normal. The lips can sometimes appear a little flaky after treatment but this will settle while the lips are healing. The healing process can take up to 10 days.  We issue you with a pack of environmentally friendly drinking straws (cornstarch) and give you our healing balm to help soothe and hydrate the lips for your comfort.

I suffer with dry lips will this be a problem?

This would depend on the extent of the dryness, you are always welcome to attend our complimentary consultation to discuss before hand for us to assess.

 Can lip treatments cause cold sores?

If you are prone to cold sores there is a small chance that the treatment may cause an outbreak. If you take medication to control cold sores this should be started 48 hours prior to treatment. If you have an outbreak prior to your treatment we request that you reschedule within the agreed time.

Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid after my treatment?

We would recommend you avoid spicy or salted food or anything citric.  We do recommend whatever you choose to eat that you cut it up in to very small sized pieces.  No kisses either whilst healing 🙂


Scalp Micropigmentation

How long will the treatment take?

The time taken usually depends on the degree of hair loss. Typically a treatment will take around 2-4 hours per session.

Does SMP look natural?

Unlike hair loss surgery, we simply implant pigments in to the scalp, the results of the treatment gives a natural appearance of small hair follicles whilst strengthening and adding density to thinning areas.

How will the treatment change my appearance?

It will almost certainly reduce your age appearance by 5-10 years and give you some serious confidence!

How long will the treatment last?

It is designed to fade out eventually so if you decide you do not want to keep the scalp micropigmentation, you can simply let it fade away within 2-3 years.

Do I have to shave for SMP treatment?

Yes, around 24 hours before your appointment for short hair showing noticeable signs of male pattern baldness, you will need to make the decision to shave your head.  When we do hair densification for longer hair we can tattoo in among the existing hair as we work to give a fuller, thicker appearance for both male and female.

How do you create a hairline that suits me?

We measure and draw the hairline based on your requirements, age and style and you will be asked to review and approve the design before we start.  Between us we can create the perfect hairline that brings back confidence.

 Is the treatment painful?

As with any treatment the level of pain varies from person to person. You may find it mildly uncomfortable as we are implanting pigments in to the scalp.

 Will it work with Grey hair?

Yes, we select the most suitable colour by testing different pigments against your skin tone, eye colour, taking all relevant factors into consideration.

Can it work on long hair?

Definitely, scalp micropigmentation can be used to add density to thin hair on the scalp if you have longer hair.

Will it work if I have had a hair transplant?

The answer here is yes. If you have had a hair transplant, we can not only cover any scars, but also gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair by adding density to existing hair, or you may prefer the look of  the closely shaven head, this can literally take years off your appearance.


Colour Boost

To ensure that your new  eyebrows, eyeliner and lips continue to look their best, we recommend that you have a colour boost treatment. The Colour Boost Club is exclusive to our existing clients enabling you to keep your permanent makeup fresh and looking absolutely perfect. Colour boost procedures only require one appointment with many of our clients choosing to have theirs every 12-18 months. Find out more about our Colour Boost Club.

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