We offer a full selection of eye treatments.  Our eyelash enhancer is subtle, natural looking treatment.  We apply a very fine line though the lash line, so and it makes your lashes look thicker (think freshly tinted lashes) and your eyes smoulder. You may opt for the very popular a slightly bolder look: the eyeliner.  This is more a defined top eyeliner which can add a beautiful, eyeliner that enhances those eyes, a fine line can be added through the lower lash to give that more defined eyeliner effect.  Finally, we have our fabulous flick, for those that prefer the dramatic, bolder eyeliner effect this one is for you.  Due to our very own Penny Davis favouring this look herself, we have nick named it the ‘Penny’ flick.

Our Eyeliner selections are perfect if you have allergies or wear contact lenses and find that your eyes are too sensitive for makeup this is also the treatment for you.  If you do not have the time nor skills yourself to create your perfect eyeliner everyday, let us do that for you, think of the time you will save and no more worries about smudging or your eye makeup ‘wearing off’ throughout the day!

All treatments are fully inclusive of one retouch appointment which must be taken within 5 – 8 weeks of your initial treatment.

Eyeliner FAQ

Can you wear eyelash extensions with permanent liner?

Eyelash extensions must be removed at least 3 days prior to treatment. It is also crucial to wait at least 3-4 weeks for complete healing to occur, before new eyelash extensions will be applied.  

Can I have an eye treatment when I have had my lashes tinted or permed?

Yes but please do not tint the areas 2 weeks before. This is the same for eyebrow tint and you must leave at least 2 weeks post treatment. 

Should I wear no make up on the day of my treatment?

You can arrive wearing your normal makeup, this will be removed before we begin.

Am I able to wear my contact lenses?

Please do not wear contact lenses during or immediately after your treatment. The area will need to be healed before you can start to use them again. 

Will my eyes be sore after the treatment?

Immediately after the procedure, the eyelids may be slightly swollen, tender or irritated and this can persist for up to 5 days, depending on the size of the eyeliner.  The larger the eyeliner, the more swelling we tend to see but it does vary from person to person.

Eyeliner Aftercare
Your comfort and confidence in the aftercare of your new permanent makeup treatment is so important to us. We have selected Mrs Frisbee’s All Naturals Tattoo Aftercare Balm. This will be in your aftercare pack along with any other items pertinent to your treatment.

Following all treatments, we do not recommend that you apply any makeup, expose the areas to any extreme temperatures or moisture such as steam rooms or saunas or public baths for 7-10 days. Where possible you should avoid getting the affected area wet.

We recommend that you avoid unnecessary touching of the affected area following your treatment in order to allow the skin to repair. You will notice that the colour will appear significantly pronounced and darker immediately after your treatment and until the skin heals, this could take up to 10 days.

Please do not apply makeup until the area has healed.  Some people do prefer to dry heal for eyebrow treatments, alternatively you can use your balm for a few days when needed on the treated area.  This would be if the area feels dry or tight as the healing process is underway. You should always should apply it with clean hands and avoid dippng back in to the pot.  We recommend you remove the amount needed to avoid double dipping in to the balm. Use sparingly and try not to over use.

Please note that as your new work heals, the skin regenerates over which can cause the area to look patchy and even as if it is fading in areas.  This is completely normal and is simply the pigments settling in to the dermal layer as the skin grows back. As the skin completes it’s full healing cycle, you will see the work springing back and by week 5 you will see the full healed result.  This is when we will retouch if necessary.  Try not to worry and trust the skin process.

Eyeliner inc lower with Flick (the Penny Flick) £360

A Dramatic, thick upper eyeliner only with a beautiful flick (named after our very own Penny) to extenuate your eyes with a lower lash liner, a bold and beautiful look and never a smuded eye

Upper Eyeliner only with Flick (Penny Flick) £330

A thick, incredibly bold upper eyeliner only (Penny Flick) with a beautiful flick to extenuate your eyes without the need for makeup! A bold and beautiful look

Eyeliner with small Flick inc Lower £330

An eyeliner with a beautiful, delicate flick to extenuate your eyes without the need for makeup, including a lower lash enhancer to make those eyes pop! A bold and beautiful look

Upper Eyeliner only with small Flick £290

A delicate, upper eyeliner only with a beautiful flick to extenuate your eyes without the need for makeup! A bold and beautiful look

Eyeliner inc lower £320

An eyeliner on the upper lid, you can choose from a subtle line to bring definition to your eyes without makeup, or a bold upper eyeliner with either a subtle or bold lower line

Upper Eyeliner £280

An eyeliner on the upper lid only, you can choose from a subtle or bold line to bring definition to your eyes without makeup

Eyelash Enhancer Combination £290

We tattoo through both the upper and lower lashline, a subtle yet effective enhancement

Upper Eyelash Enhancer £190

We tattoo through your upper lashline, a subtle yet effective enhancement

Colour Boosts

​All styles within 6 months £110

All styles within 7-18 months £180

All styles after 19-24 months £240

Your colour boost date is taken from the date of your first appointment with us.

Multiple treatment colour boosts taken at the same appointment attract a 10% discount.

Whilst we are always happy to colour boost other technician’s work, please assume you will be charged at full new treatment price for your first colour boost with us as this often involves a full consultation and brow redesign and retouch.

I love natural make up and tightlining the eyes with a subtle flick was the most time consuming step of my makeup routine, and I couldn’t find an eyeliner that didn’t smudge on my extremely watery eyes. So last year, I got the eyeliners tattooed by Phil and they still look great. Phil really took his time to achieve a perfect result, and I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the sessions. I’ll be returning to DPC to get my eyebrows done. Thank you.

Areola Tattooing

Areola Tattooing

Having completed my nipple & Areola training with Nouveau Contour this year, I have a wonderful perspective on this treatment. I had already trained in scar reduction, cleft pallet lip tattooing as well as scalp micropigmentation and scar camouflage so this was...

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