My beautiful client started her Cosmelan treatment with me a month before we entered lockdown.

Vik is my client, she suffers with HypoPigmentation and this is different to HyperPigmentation. Both skin conditions are a dysfunction of the Melanocytes. The causes of both are many and varied, from repeated Sun exposure, hormonal imbalances (including pregnancy, the contraceptive pill, menopause), stress, perfumes to name but a few.

With Hyperpigmentation, the damage caused the melanocytes to produce too much melanin but in the case of hypopigmentation it causes them to stop producing any melanin, thus on Vik you can see the patches on her cheeks. In her case it was caused by laser used for scar reduction many years ago.

Hypo-Pigmentation, you can see the areas of white patches on each cheek

Hypo-Pigmentation, you can see the areas of white patches on each cheek


When I first met Vik, we chatted through her options as really, for hypo there is no solution as unlike Hyperpigmentation where we remove the build up of pigmentation and take the skin staining out and attempt to ‘reset’ the Melanocytes to stop overproducing, with Hypo they have been permanently damaged and will not produce any melanin…..but I like to think outside the box.

I wondered if I could remove the rest of the sun damage from her face which usually would not bother anyone (freckles and smaller areas of hyperpigmentation) so that we could even out her skin tone so the white patches were less noticeable.

Cosmelan was the absolute go to for me, it is the global depigmentation leader and is unqiue in how it not only removes Hyperpigmentation but actually helps with skin conditioning, anti-ageing and antioxidants the properties and results of this treatment are truly life changing.  I put it to Vik as it’s not the usual route for tackling this distressing condition. Vik was up for trying it as she’d tried every single lotion and potion over the past 10 years. As is so often the case, I was her last hope.

Here are her results 8 weeks on, just absolutely outstanding!!!!!

Cosmelan results

8 weeks post Cosmelan, beautiful, clear skin and she is only wearing eye makeup – no foundation or any tinted products!

She’s worked so hard on her at home care, which under the current circumstances would have been understandable to not be as committed.

Here is Vik a couple of days ago dressed as a pink unicorn for her Zoom quiz…. stunning with…No face makeup 🤩🤩🤩🤩 she only had eye makeup on here.

One of the biggest issues Vik has was she just could not cover her patches with makeup, she was fed up, down and had lost hope of the day coming when she could even contemplate going make up free!! But look at her now 💕

Thank you Vik for allowing me to share your pictures and story, you have made me so happy with how happy you are and that your skin confidence is returning 🥰

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